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One silly animated icon and the blanks involved. Based on John and David's behind-the-scenes shenanigans as seen on Totally Doctor Who.

Blanks under the cut )

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Jack/Ten vid to Jeff Buckley's "Dream Brother". Spoilers through the end of Torchwood S1 and Doctor Who S3.

Download from MegaUpload (64 MB wmv)

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It's Friday, and here it's dreary and rainy. I love lounging in bed on rainy days, and the only thing that makes that better is having someone to lounge in bed with. Since I'm not at home and I don't have anyone to lounge with (*pout*), I decided to write about pretty, fictional people who can.

And I open a challenge to you, my friends! Write a drabble or ficlet featuring the fandom and pairing of your choice, of rainy day lounging in bed. There can be just lounging about, or smooching, or sexing, or eating ice cream in bed--whatever you want, so long as there's rain and a bed involved--sexiness is strongly encouraged, though! Post a link here, and I'll gather all the links and post them in one post later on. How about we give this a weekend deadline? Sunday or so? Get to writing!

To start y'all off, here's my sexy offering. Jack/Ten, rated R, 100 words.

Passing the time )

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The idea for this fic came from a discussion I had with some co-workers about how Southerners love to feed everybody, and fret and fuss to make sure you get enough to eat.

Title: Picnic Crashers from Outer Space
Pairing: Jack and Ten
Rating: G
Word count: 300+
Spoilers: none

Picnic Crashers From Outer Space )
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From Utopia and its Confidential. Spoilers for the ending and scenes from the next episode!

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[ profile] bethynyc asked for Wesley or Giles and Jack. I give you Wesley/Jack kilt pr0n! :D

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[ profile] taffimai asked for Nine/Jack.

Captain of the Innuendo Squad


“Sorry, my hand slipped again.”

The Doctor crawled backwards from beneath the console. He stood and faced the man leaning against it.

“Jack, if you want to touch it, why don’t you just ask?”

Jack shook his head. “It’s more fun when you squirm.”

The Doctor grinned. “Won’t find it there anyway.”

“I’ll just keep looking for it,” Jack reached for him again.

“Stop!” The Doctor yelped as Jack grazed a ticklish spot. He reached inside his jacket and handed Jack the sonic screwdriver.

“This won’t stop me from searching for your zeus plugs too, you know.” Jack winked.

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BtVS-AtS/Torchwood crossover drabble written for [ profile] open_on_sunday's "Blackout" challenge. Wesley/Giles/Jack Harkness, rated PG-13.

Wesley knew he was in a hotel room bed in Cardiff with Giles. The rest was rather fuzzy.



“We’re naked and I’m sticky.” Wesley swiped a fingertip along one hip. He sniffed his finger cautiously. “Raspberry jam?”

“Don’t you remember?” Giles asked. Wesley shook his head.

“That’s a shame.” Giles yawned. “Jack and his bloody cocktails. I did warn you.”

“The jam was Giles’s idea.” said a voice from the doorway. “He kept calling you his blueberry scone.” Jack picked up the jam jar and sauntered toward the bed, grinning. “Are we having the same for breakfast, Giles?”
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Have you seen these arms? These... these are good arms to have:
From Torchwood 1x03, unspoilery for plot )
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[ profile] nostalgia_lj has written a hot and gorgeous Ten/Jack fic, The Beautiful Simplicity of Motion. Go. Read. Praise.
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The lovely [ profile] vampirefever wrote a Spike/Jack Harkness ficlet for me! Go read and praise!
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I wrote a bit of Jack/Ten smut for [ profile] slashthedrabble's "Change" challenge

Pairing: Jack Harkness/Tenth Doctor
Fandom: Doctor Who
Rating: Mature
Word count: 200
Change is good )
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Written for the "tears" challenge at [ profile] slashthedrabble. AtS/Doctor Who crossover, Wesley/Jack Harkness, rated R, 200 words.

Bedfellows )

Who fic

May. 18th, 2006 05:53 pm
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Here's a silly little Doctor Who ficlet, my first writing venture in this fandom! Jack, Rose, and Ten, 400+ words, PG-13.
The need to know )
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For your icon pleasure, I mix my fandoms and bring you Capt. Jack and Wesley icons. The Wesleys are a bit sad, sorry, but I've been reading sad Wes stories today. I did include one happy Wes one to tilt the scale, and Jack's all happy and naked and packin' heat, so all's well with the universe. Now, icons!

1. 2. 3.
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