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Written for [ profile] open_on_sunday's Recipe/Ingredient challenge. Between Season 1 and 2 of AtS, rated G.

There was a horrid burning smell coming from Cordelia’s apartment. Wesley rushed inside. “Cordelia! Are you ok—oh, no. Not again!”

He found her removing a pan of brownies from the oven.

“Sorry, Wes, but these brownies aren’t for you.”

Wesley’s eyes were watering from the odor. “Oh? How very disappointing. I was looking forward to the stomach cramps.”

Cordelia punched his arm. “They’re for Angel. I added a special ingredient.” She winked. “I think I’ll call them ‘bloodies’.”

Wesley paled as the full force of the fumes hit him and his stomach turned. “I think I’ll call an ambulance.”
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"Spirit" challenge drabble written for [ profile] open_on_sunday. Wesley/Cordelia, Season 3 BtVS rated M.

Cut for naughty things )
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Another one for [ profile] open_on_sunday's "first times" challenge. Wesley and Cordelia, AtS S1, rated PG (for language).

“I don’t want to put that in my mouth, Cordelia. It’s so big and waxy. It can’t taste good.” Wesley grimaced.

“What do you know? You eat cookies called digestives. Ew! Is it illegal in England for snack food to taste good?”

“Ah, you haven’t found my stash of Jaffa Cakes, or you wouldn’t say that.”

“What the hell are Jabba Cakes? Never mind, I don’t wanna know. Just eat the damn Chocodile, Wes, and trust me.”

Wesley nibbled his Chocodile cautiously. In a few more bites it was gone.

Cordelia had to hide her Chocodile stash from then on.
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The first of my drabble request posts! [ profile] karabair asked for Wesley/Cordelia and roadside architecture. I took the liberty of going for 200 words instead of 100. I didn't think anyone would mind. :P
PG-13, post AtS S1.

Vacancy )
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"Trust" drabble for [ profile] open_on_sunday. Angel and Cordelia, AtS after the end of Season 2. Rated G.

Angel bounced nervously. “Cordy, I don’t know if this was such a good idea.”

“This was your idea. After Pylea you said something had to be done about it.”

“I know. Maybe I should sleep on it some more—“ he started to get up but Cordelia pushed him back into the chair.

“I think that’s part of the problem. Now sit still! You can trust me.”

“I—I do.” Angel said unconvincingly. Without a reflection he’d have to trust her skills. She couldn’t make his hair look any worse--could she?

Angel whimpered anxiously as Cordelia went to work.
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I have fun with silly Wes/Angel animation again, and one Cordy icon (and blank):
1.Image hosted by 2.Image hosted by 3.Image hosted by

Sharable, wearable, washable, please credit and comment.
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It's Friday it's Friday hooray hooray hooray!

This has been the longest frickin' week in history, I swear. I was so tired last night. I did somehow manage to get a little much needed housework done and just before I collapsed into bed my addled brain made two icons. They probably suck but anyone can have 'em:

I have come to a very distressing realization. My pants don't fit anymore! Noooooooo! I have got to control my eating and start exercising regulary again. Lordy, how on earth can I do that when there's yummy homemade banana pudding in the staff lounge left over from yesterday's party? Not to mention cookies, chips, dip, eggnog. Auuuuuggghhhh!

I need to find where I left my willpower. It's gotta be around here somewhere. I had planned to wear my gray striped pants but no, I could barely zip them up and, well, you don't want to know what my ass looked like in the things. So today I'm in a skirt which is tight too in the waist, but at least my ass fits in it. I'm kinda preppy with my white brown and red striped stretch oxford shirt with a cinnamon sleeveless pullover, black twill skirt, black tights and black loafers. I look quite studious and put-together. But I'll probably put someone's eye out if the button goes on my waistband.
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In celebration of our award today I made these:

Both shareable to those who agree with the text (or who like seeing Wes and Cordy getting hot and heavy, whichever).
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This was a couple weeks back, but look, I won third place at [ profile] wes_stillness!

This was my very first icon contest entry. I'm learning more and more about how to make icons look like I want them to look and I made a Wesley one I really liked this weekend but it's on my computer at home. I'll try to post it later. In the meantime, my winning icon is up for grabs:

Also, I believe it was [ profile] karabair who asked for my "Contiguous" icon as a Wes/Cordy. Here ya go!


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