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My Drunken!Giles fic, for [ profile] twilightofmagic. This story got a bit silly, but that's just the way it went. You get a bonus drunk Wesley and I hope you don't mind the gratuitous Doctor Who references. I couldn't help myself! Many thanks to [ profile] petzipellepingo for the beta.

Title: It's Never Too Late
Requestor: [ profile] twilightofmagic
Wants: Wesley, a mechano set, a surprising revelation
Doesn't want: Het, humiliation (unless it's humorous)
Pairing: Giles/Wesley
Word Count: 1300+
Rating: PG

It's Never Too Late )

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[ profile] bethynyc asked for Wesley/Ten and comfort sex. More sex than comfort, I guess. Refers back to another Wesley/Ten request she made, which resulted in this ficlet. Post-Not Fade Away, rated M.

cut for teh boysmut )
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[ profile] way2busymom asked for Wesley making tea with Angel looking on. Rated PG-13, I guess. Hey, I've now written tea pr0n! :D

Angel had watched Wesley make tea countless times. The ritual was performed the same every time, methodically and effortlessly.

Slender fingers opened the tin and carefully measured the tea in rounded spoonfuls before placing them into the teapot. Boiling water from an electric kettle was then poured over the leaves. As the tea steeped, Wesley opened a packet of biscuits and placed several on a small plate, nibbling on one as he fetched his favorite cup.

The elegance and simplicity of Wesley’s movements enthralled Angel. It also made him hard. Only Wesley could make tea and digestives sexy, he mused.
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[ profile] pepperlandgirl4 asked for Angel/Wes and American football and the Hyperion. 200 words, rated G.

Wes/Angel football drabble )
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[ profile] glimmergirl wanted Giles/Wesley and a park. 100 words, rated PG.

Giles brushed the vamp dust from his clothes.

“Did you get him?” Wesley asked as he ran to his side.

Giles nodded. “What about yours?”

“Yes. I think we’ve finally cleared the last of them from this park.”

Giles grinned wickedly and swiftly pressed Wesley against a nearby stone wall.

Wesley gasped. “Rupert! What are you doing?” he asked in mock dismay before eagerly wrapping his arms around his lover.

“What lovers do in dark, deserted parks when no one is around to see.” Giles whispered as he nibbled on Wesley’s collarbone.

Wesley murmured approvingly. “I do love my job.”
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[ profile] taffimai asked for Wes/Giles and hayfever. This came out more silly than shippy. 200 words, rated G.

Achoo! )
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Okay [ profile] chicklet73, you asked for it. Roller disco Ten. 300 words, rated G.

Disco Doc )
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[ profile] bethynyc asked for Ten/Wesley and bed. 300 words, mildly M for manipulation of manly bits. ;)

Ten/Wesley ficlet )
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[ profile] medelle requested Ten/Fred. 200 words, rated G. And yes, I was hungry when I wrote this. ;-)

Ten/Fred drabble )
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[ profile] harmonyfb asked for 5th Doctor/Tegan and short skirts. 200 words, rated PG.

Five/Tegan drabble )
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[ profile] maddogs991 asked for Fourth Doctor/Giles. Buffy and Willow got themselves into the mix too. 200 words, rated G.

Four/Giles ficlet )
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[ profile] disgracelands asked for Wes/Dawn and tears. This came out a bit angsty and enigmatic, but I love Wes when he's in this mad state. Hope you like!

Wes/Dawn ficlet, 200 words )
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In an effort to make this weekend less dull, I'm taking requests for drabbles. Give me a character or pairing, a keyword, and a setting if applicable. Can be AtS, BtVS, or old and new Doctor Who. I'll even do crossovers between those if you want.


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