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Marshall Ramsey, The Clarion-Ledger:

Coast icons

Sep. 2nd, 2005 01:49 pm
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I've made icons of all the beachfront towns and cities on the Miss. Coast that have been devastated. It's my way of remembering the beauty of the area and the hope that its beauty will return someday. Just a little coping mechanism on my part, I'm not sure that anyone else will want them. All are shareable if anyone does.

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Here I am again, sounding like a broken record, but please please please continue to donate money and supplies if you can. I don't care if it's a dollar, or an old t-shirt, or a cheap can of store-brand peas, if there's a collection drive for items near you, please give something. If you can send only pocket change to the Red Cross or Salvation Army, please do.

And I beg you please, conserve gas when you can. I know that people need gas to get to work and to school and for errands and that's fine, but please try to do what you can to not waste fuel. No unnecessary trips, no joy riding, try to economize your trips by getting more things done in one trip instead of making many trips. The coast is desperate for fuel. The shortage is real: hopefully it's only temporary once deliveries are re-established, but it's very important that the fuel that is available gets to these stricken areas. Generators at hospitals and shelters need to be kept going. Utility trucks and rescue vehicles need fuel to clear roads, re-establish communication services, reach survivors and deliver supplies.

THE COAST NEEDS FUEL AND FOOD. I talked to my sister this morning and she feels so helpless that she can't get to other family members and help because her gas tank is empty so she can't travel beyond the distance she can walk in her neighborhood, and what little is left of her town of Long Beach. Communication is non-existent, spotty at best so people aren't aware of where they can find food and relief services when it does get there.

Oh, and the president's little pat himself on the back session in Mobile just now? I'm... there are no words. And when he talked about looking forward to sitting on the porch of Trent Lott's bigger and better than before rebuilt beachfront Pascagoula home in the future. Fuck. What about all the little houses behind Trent's house that were washed away? The houses where middle to lower income families live, many of them without flood insurance? Where will they get their bigger and better houses?
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I've just spotted a Time Warner Cable truck down the street working on the wires, so fingers crossed my cable comes back on soon. I just got back from the local no-kill animal shelter (CARA) where I took a bunch of supplies. They were on the radio asking for things. They are accepting evacuees who want a place to stay with their pets, or they can house their pets there, or they can surrender their pets if they know they can no longer keep them. So, they're running short on supplies. From the reaction I got when I showed up it looked like I was one of the few people to give anything.

So anyone in the Jackson area, don't forget the animals! They need canned puppy food, drinking water, paper towels, bleach, use of wire crates to house animals, soft drinks, and I'm sure any pet products will be welcome as well as people food and drink, as they are going to try to shelter pet owners as well as pets and will need things for them too. CARA is located on N. Flag Chapel road just off Northside Drive in northwest Jackson, near Clinton.

I saw one of those super long gas lines on Medgar Evers Blvd. on my way to the shelter. I also saw a gas tanker with police escort going down Hwy 51. I was surprised that there wasn't a line of cars following it like the pied piper!

ETA: You can make monetary donations to CARA on their website at I know they would greatly appreciate any help they can get.

I'm safe

Aug. 30th, 2005 08:47 pm
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Finally got my cable modem back. Just popping in to say that I'm okay and my family is okay. My hometown, not so much. My childhood home and the whole neighborhood is gone. A good hunk of Pascagoula, especially the beach areas where I grew up, is GONE. Obliterated. No longer exists. Fucking gone.

I'm going to check online and on TV now to see what else is going on down there since I've only had radio and a few cell phone calls for information.

Y'all, please keep the people of Mississippi in your hearts and prayers, and if you can donate anything, supplies, money, whatever, to the Red Cross and other emergency relief organizations please do. The coast really really needs all the help it can get. Many many hugs and much love to you all.
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Things are already wet and gusty here in Jackson. I was up until 1:30 and slept fitfully. I finally got up about a half hour ago. It isn't looking good for the Miss. coast. Katrina is turning a bit east. Fuck.

The Biloxi TV station is still doing live feed at . It looks like the New Orleans stations are off the air and are feeding off of affiliate stations elsewhere. Mobile, Ala. stations are also still feeding live video coverage: , .
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For those of y'all who want to see local coverage of Katrina's landfall, there is live streaming video feed from local TV stations in New Orleans and Biloxi:


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