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For your breakfast polling pleasure.

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[ profile] tx_cronopio asked us to poll in her place today. So, here's my meaningless Friday poll, regarding my favorite Scotsman, natch:

How do you like your Tennanty hotness presented? )
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Finally got to see all of the Jonathan Ross show from last week, and saw all the green room reaction bits people were going on about. Screencapped the hell out of it, of course (icons coming soon).

But first pictures, then a poll.

Thom and David and Catherine, oh my! )

[Poll #1170048]

Even if you haven't seen the show, please feel free to vote for your favorite!
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Help out a fellow librarian and LJ'er! Go take [ profile] dettiot's short poll on fandom involvement. Doesn't matter what fandom, so go and do it! Ta!
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I've been toying with the idea of doing another mood theme project. I've done just about all the characters from Angel and Buffy (and a few 'ships) and I've done a Tenth Doctor theme. You can find a list of the ones I've done here. So, what mood theme would you like to see me tackle next? Here are ones I'm considering:

[Poll #820661]


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