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Can anyone access the Shoemall website? It's http::// . This isn't the first time I've gotten nowhere trying to get to this website. I'd say 8 out of 10 times I've ever tried over the past year or so this has happened. I was able to access it just a couple of days ago, so I'm pretty sure they're still in existence. How on earth do they stay in business like this? They need a new IT department, stat. Or am I just incredibly unlucky in that they're undergoing maintenance whenever I try to visit?
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Has anyone on my FList in the U.S. (or anywhere outside of the U.K.) ordered from Forbidden Planet International? Good experience? Bad? How are their overseas shipping fees? They don't list them on the site but say that they give them to you just before your item(s) ship. Are they reasonable?
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The Animal Rescue Site store is offering $1 shipping on all orders through today. They have lots of really cute and affordable gift items. Why not do some early Christmas shopping and help feed and shelter homeless animals at the same time?

I've ordered from them before and I'm ordering some things for myself and for others tonight (me needs retail therapy and others need gift-getting therapy!). I'm getting nothing from pimping this, other than to share some fun shopping for a good cause. If you can't order something today, keep an eye out because they often offer super low shipping specials. Oh, and don't forget to click at to help animals for free!

ETA: The $1 shipping also applies to The Hunger Site store, etc., so you can help the charity of your choice!


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