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Looky at the wee Aly and Alexis offspring!


This has nothing to do with the mini Denisof really, but I was browsing through my screencap files and came across some interesting old Buffy/Angel screencaps, and one animation I made.

This way to the picspam party! )
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New pics of the Denisofs! Aly looks gorgeous. I think this one is my favorite. Awwwwwwwwwww! Hee, Alexis has elephants on his tie. :D
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Okay, Alexis looks as handsome and put-together as he always does (this is one man who was born to wear suits), but Aly, Aly, Aly! WTF with the Hex witch hair?!?

Alexis and Aly at the Beckham shindig

It's bad enough that she's been wearing her hair so dark (it's just so harsh next to her freckly skin), but pleeeeeze go back to the soft flowy auburn look! Yes, yes, off to the salon with you! I'll just keep Alexis busy for awhile...

::steals another woman's husband::

heh heh heh
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[ profile] eurydice72's hot new Wes/Willow fic inspired me to icon some of Aly's sexy pics.
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Please comment and credit. ;)
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I had to icon those gorgeous Emmy pics of Aly and Alexis (thanks be to [ profile] overworked and [ profile] alexisdaily)! Also including several others I made over the weekend.

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More of the glamorous Denisofs, and a few Wesleys )

Please comment and credit.


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